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Welcome to Desi Is Me blogs! We’re really excited to create and share a lot of great content for you, from narrative pieces on our journey to how-to articles and of course, expect to see a lot of inspiration and Bollywood posts here as well.

As a new brand that is using this time in quarantine to learn the ups and downs of starting a business, we wanted to begin by sharing with you guys our design process that we believe ultimately sets us apart from other brands and allows us to provide you high quality silhouettes at an affordable price. Here’s how:

Step 1: Design

Our process begins by selecting the color and silhouette style of our choice and sketching out what we are envisioning for our piece. These lehenga designs are heavily influenced by latest fashion trends as well as aim at mirroring classic georgette lehengas worn by Bollywood stars in the 90s. Once we finalize our vision, we move to step 2!

Step 2: Fabric

We’re fortunate to work with an amazing team in India that ensures that this entire process runs smoothly. It involves finalizing the fabric at a wholesale fabric store, getting it sent to be dyed, and then running a quality control to ensure that the integrity of the fabric is the same for the first meter as it is for the 50th. This fabric then gets sent to our team of tailors for manufacturing.

Step 3: Manufacturing

This step is by far the most challenging! We are perfectionists when it comes to our vision and design. Our goal is to empower local artisans and storytellers by providing them constant support and economic independence. Therefore, we give jobs to local tailors in India and they hand stitch every blouse and lehenga skirt we design. In this manner, every piece is slightly unique yet allows us to support the people we care about.

Step 4: Shipping

Our last and final step is shipping! Our team sends us a limited and unique quantity of every piece we design to our US headquarters. Once we go through a quality check here, we have a ready to go inventory in which we can fulfill an order any time using our partners at Acutrack, Inc to get you our ready-to-ship piece for your special event. Our lehengas are uniquely designed so that you can make easy and minor adjustments yourself (if needed) for the perfect silhouette fitting.

Now when you search for “lehenga online” we’ll have ready-made pieces designed for YOU delivered to you within a week.

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